For Everyday Journeys
Holubar concerne la découverte des nouveax horizons et la recherche du temps pour les explorer. Notre histoire est une histoire de collectivité et confiance, de standards établis, avec la proposition d'une collection des vetements parfaite pour n'importe quel occasion. Le client Holubar est doué de compétences exclusives et est conscient du fait que les dèplacements quotidiens aident à nous agréger.

"I was particularly excited to shoot for Holubar as The Deerhunter and even more so The Eiger Sanction were favourite movies of mine in my youth, both of which feature Holubar outerwear. As in many of my shoots I included friends and was able to source the beautiful location with the help of John Gluckow who I recruited to style the models and location. We had a beautiful day for the most part at a classic log cabin and our camping area. At the end of the day a storm rolled in and while my cameras and I got drenched, the models were warm and dry in the Holubar jackets. I'm very pleased with the shoot and excited to share the photos!"

- Eric Kvatek